Tuesday, 23 November 2010

my social experiment of deleting Facebook


Deleting facebook sounds like hell for most friends around my age. they couldn't believe it when I told them about it. No more friends wishing u happy birthday! (Even if it is just on facebook that they remember u?) No more stalking the lives of primary school classmates! or that crush from eons ago?

Almost 3 months after deleting facebook, I'd say that my life has turned out for the worse.., at least within this short period. At first, of course, there was the initial thrill of smug self-satisfaction as evident in equally smug tweets, "1 month since deleting fb!" , after that the withdrawal symptoms (what do I do now??") which brought me to Twitter as a new cyber-addiction(sustained easily by my iPhone Twitter apps) and back to blogging.

I'd say I really, really, really missed facebook awesomely. Thing is, I knew I would. The reason why I irreversibly, deleted it permanently was... to challenge myself, or perhaps simply to see how much I would deteriorate. Deteriorate without this thing called Facebook. I thought i could go back slowly to social life, a real one. But so far, I've just descended further down into my own abyss.

Fortunately, i know its not so deep that i can't get out. Its time now, for a return to life before facebook, and without it...

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