Friday, 31 December 2010

All in numero

Birthday age: 21
Date: 29 December 2010
Restaurant meal: $179++
Donated: $1 for 4 packet of tissue paper
Necklace: $820 (??!!???!!!!!!!!!!)
Vulgarities uttered: 0 (hope so)
Tears shed: a few

Result: Bloated stomach cos parents forced me to eat red eggs at like 11pm @ nite, todae still bloated sia, was tired yesterday and actually cried at e restaurant cos everything was pathetic, feeling of litost. Dad was like u are so touched u cried.

Thanks to Liwen for coming down from Hougang specially,the lovely cheesecake x) and Mich for watching Tron with me tho u had sore throat. She sort of treated me by paying the usual ticket price;). Hv fun in Cambodia.

"Perfection is unknowable, it is impossible, but it is right here,"

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