Saturday, 24 December 2011

Had a quarrel with my sis yesterday about money, until I like very unreasonable and ngiao. Actually had a good sleep and can't remember much already...but I guess those are in a way her true words and she meant them. Ok, so here's a summary: She said I kept harping on the money I owed her and that I should not help her do her homework if I was unwilling. Since after I did help, I just kept harping on it like she was indebted to me... I on the other hand retorted that she is insensitive to my feelings. I guess she means that I should not bother to control her spending since it is not like she is borrowing from me! but to me it is a matter of limited resources. So I guess ya, maye I shouldn't be so thrifty. I should not help you do homework if I was unwilling: let's summarise this in a nice argument: If I had an argument called:A) "Some people only think of themselves"--> The counter-argument would be: B)"Some people pretend to care for everyone" so A is what I am throwing up about her and B is what she is saying about me, that I am pretending to be philanthropic... I think I really suck at managing relationships. I need a relationship manager, or for the rest of my life I can try not talking. Which is more practical, eh?

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